Operation of webpages

The open source CMS systems created by us require monthly maintenance, update and continuous aftercare. We are assuming these tasks with an allowance to our high-esteem customers, who are not taking their webpage as a one-time to do thing. To customers who know that the source code should be refreshed time-by-time for safety reasons and the maintenance is necessary for their own good presence on the internet.


We are offering the following monthly services to these customers:

  • For 2 workhours standard fee we offer the following:
    • 3 genuine workhours of maintenance
    • Update-monitoring for the webpage engine
    • Managing the recent updates
    • Update-monitoring for the webpage expansion components
    • Managing the recent component-updates
    • Monthly data savings for the customer’s host storage

The not-used workhours can be collected in a 1 year period and used for bigger tasks.

Standard fee/workhour: 6.000,- Ft + Áfa

Standard fee of the service/month: 12.000,- Ft + Áfa / hó

If you would like to get a quotation for an open source system’s monthly maintenance which was not constructed by us, please contact us under Kapcsolat menu.

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