Social Webpage Pack

You get your own webpage with your own domain-adress and mail addresses, webshop and integrated Social Network. After finishing the webpage the following pages will appear:

  • Main page (Homepage of Front page, where you can give a short greeting to the visitors)
  • About Us (or About our Firm, where you can introduce yourcompany)
  • Products (or Services, where you can display your products)
  • References
  • Careers
  • Availability or Location (with a map, phone number, address or photo of the building)
  • Contact us (where the visitors can write a short message that you get via e-mail)
  • JomSocial

Your webpage will use a Joomla or Wordpress admin surface which ensures you about easy and fast updating. If you do not need any of the pages above, you can simply delete it with a click.

In addition your website can use the following services (these can be turned on/off whenever you want):

  • Newsletter registration (OPT-in registration – based on law-regulations)
  • Sending Newsletter to the subscribed visitors
  • News page, where you can post any news regarding your company
  • Blog page where you can write more personal notes to get the attention of potential customers
  • Sharing contents on Facebook
  • Sharing contents on Google+
  • Sharing contents on Twitter
  • Option to paste video from YouTube
  • Questionnaire to get more relevant information about customer needs
  • Gallery
  • Forum
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to gather common questions and answers




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