Total Route-Optimalizating System

Our Total Route-Optimalizing System as a quality software product can provide the determination of the optimal routes already at the first step, when we create the attributes with the customer.

We call a route optimal if from a starting point we can reach our destination with any given checkpoints on the shortest way, in accordance with traffic restrictions and traffic jams.

At the same time we developed the system to to give different routes for different terms (for example shortest transport time) in considering any interfering objects (like traffic, obstacles and the road’s carrying capacity)

The system provides all useful data for the participants (drivers, operators, dispatchers) of a possible transport’s whole workflow to become trustworthy and punctual with decreasing costs and optimized operations. To achieve this, the participants can communicate with each other, intervent to any process and provide any problems, while permanently monitor the quality of the service with “Key Performance Indicator” (KPI).  

These indicators are also suitable for proving the system’s efficiency and controlling and later it will be able to have an expansion of automatic indication service based on the providing data. This indication service can warn you if the given KPI is diverging dangerously from the standard values proportionately. The Performance can be recorded to a statement on daily, weekly or monthly periods.

The present-day’s basic system can give you the wide-variations of the following:

  • Provides the registration of the contractual partners (this can be the basic of a CRM database which shows the level of account, the expected service levels or even a record of possible excuses)
  • Makes it possible to create fix entries (data of address, transport frequency, package size, etc.)
  • As a basic data it registers the vehicle’s information (identifier, carrying capacity, gross weight, speed, etc.) for the optimalization
  • As a basic data it registers the start points and destinations, sites
  • registers vehicles’s final destination places
  • Stores the upcoming and available (POI) places and personal needs
  • With the use of the gathered information it determines the optimal work-route with the work process, the workhours and the traveling from the start to the destination.

The system can use more parameters. We are getting experience also on test-routes at Our client’s partly to use this information for making our customer’s work easier and on the other hand, to get economic, better quality services provided.

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