Billing program registration

Dear Customer!

From 15th of November 2014 the use of billing program should be registered at the Bureau of Internal Revenue. You can find more information on the link below:

The following information should be registered:

- and contact information
- Legal name and tax number of the user of the online billing service
- The starting date of using the online billing service.

According to the regulation you need to register on a form. About this form please contact your accountant.

When registing a Dalhart Informatical Ltd. billing program, you need to give the following:

Name of the program: give the name of the Dalhart program that you use.

Identificator: Give the software’s full version-number here.

Developer’s name: Dalhart Informatical Ltd.

Developer’s tax number: 25157707-2-43

The name of the program’s seller: Dalhart Informatical Ltd.

Seller’s tax number: 25157707-2-43

The start date of using the program:

You need to give the date when you purchased the program

According to the regulation tax payers are liable for register the end-of-life programs also with giving the information above with the date of program’s retirement in 30 days after on a form.

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